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Install guide camcalib for Windows

This article will show you how to install, activate and launch camcalib. Currently, we only support Windows 10, Windows 11, and Ubuntu 20.04.

Getting started with camcalib on windows takes the following four easy steps:

  1. Download camcalib for windows.

  2. Install camcalib.

  3. Launch camcalib.

  4. Activate camcalib.

Download camcalib

  • Download camcalib from here.

  • Before you download camcalib, the page will ask you to set up a communication channel with us. This allows you to get in touch with us quickly by replying to the confirmation mail with any issues.

  • Once you have set up the channel, you will be presented with the download page.

  • Now hit the button next to “Windows 10” and save the file camcalib-v1.5-windows.msi to your Downloads folder.

Install camcalib

Microsoft Defender may warn you

If Microsoft defender warns you during the installation with any of the following, here is what to do:

Click on “More info” followed by “Run anyway”.

Click yes when asked by UAC if you want to install camcalib.

  • Now that you have the installer downloaded to your downloads folder.

  • When you start the installer, you will be asked to accept the EULA to begin the installation process.

  • Once you hit Install, the installer will do its thing and tell you when it is done.

  • After you close the installer, you will have a new icon on your Desktop and a new entry in your Windows Start Menu.

Congratulations, you now have camcalib installed!

Launch camcalib

  • Double click the camcalib icon on your Desktop or select camcalib from your start menu.

  • The first time camcalib starts, it shows its activation screen.

Activate camcalib

  • When camcalib starts for the first time, you will have two options.

    • Activate: If you have purchased a License Key, copy it from the confirmation mail and paste it into the empty “License key” field. Then click Activate.

    • Demo: If you want to try the free Trial Version of camcalib with all the Pro features for two weeks, click on the magenta “Click here” field next to “Continue with Demo Version”.

  • Once you activate the full or demo version, you will be greeted by the camcalib start screen.

That’s it! You are free to use camcalib now.

Check out our Stereo Camera Calibration Guide or our other articles to see how to use camcalib to its fullest potential.

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