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You have special requirements or need assistance in designing the perfect calibration setup for your sensor system? The camcalib team is here to help you achieve the best results for your specific requirements. We build on many years of industry experience in computer vision and camera calibration.


Do you have special requirements for your calibration setup regarding the accuracy, calibration process, or certification? We have consulted many customers from various industries and helped them meet their calibration requirements. Our services range from designing custom calibration targets to end-to-end calibration workflows. We are the perfect sparring partner for your needs.


Camera System Design

Camera system design and selection encompasses the trade-off between various parameters and components like optics, filters, and sensors selection, scene materials, communication interfaces & electronic timings. When it comes to challenging applications with low light, high speeds, high-resolution demands, multiple cameras, and hostile environments, every parameter needs to be selected carefully to meet the application KPIs.

Machine Vision

Machine Vision is used to automate the understanding and interpretation of image data provided by the camera systems. Applications such as automatic inspection, process control & robot guidance rely on intelligent machine vision algorithms. Our expert team is experienced in developing custom machine vision software currently operating in various industry sectors.

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Robotic Hand Eye Calibration

Our client's fully automated chemical sample collection robot-cell for quality assurance uses multiple high-precision active-stereo 3D cameras. We onboarded to develop the hand-eye calibration tool and software to allow the robot to interact with the observed space and various chemical sample drums with sub-millimeter accuracy. We designed and implemented a fully automated (human-free) calibration process. You can see it in operation here.


Inertial Sensor to Camera Calibration

To develop a multi-camera positioning system, our customer approached us with the request to create a tool that extrinsically calibrates an inertial measurement unit and multiple cameras in a non-overlapping field-of-view configuration. The accuracy and repeatability of the calibration tool were validated using a robotic arm.

Automotive Camera Calibration

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) prominently rely on cameras, among other sensors, that are mounted at several locations on the car body. Extrinsic calibration relative to the car body is needed to leverage the information provided by the cameras and sensors. Our software offers precise and validated calibration that can cope with the software quality requirements of the Automotive Industry.

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